Which Components are best? Aftermarket or OEM

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Sometimes, when we need parts for our cars, we run into the classic battle of which type do I choose? Should I go for aftermarket or OEM parts. There are a lot of reasons why OEM components are better to choose from, and there are also reasons why aftermarket items are a good fit as well. Here are the pros and cons to both sides of the aftermarket/OEM debate.


Aftermarket parts are items that are not made from the original manufacturer of the vehicle. They can be found in independent shops or online vehicle service websites.


Aftermarket items can be less expensive than OEM. In some cases, they are easier to obtain and can be made of great quality. You are more likely to have more items to choose from since different companies make aftermarket vehicle components.


Aftermarket items can be troublesome in some cases. With lots of variety to choose from, you run the risk of items not fitting correctly. You also run the risk of getting items that don’t have the best quality. Components may be cheaper with aftermarket items, but it can also cost you quality which may keep your car parked in the driveway. Also, use of aftermarket pieces may void the warranty for some vehicle brands.


OEM components are specifically made by the maker of the vehicle. These are the official items that are equipped in every vehicle that comes off the lot for that vehicle. For example, if your vehicle is made by Hyundai, you would find OEM items at your local Hyundai maintenance center in Muncie.


The best thing about OEM components is that you are getting exactly what needs to be replaced for your vehicle. If the manufacturer is Hyundai, you will be getting the official Hyundai parts from the local dealer in Muncie and it will not void your warranty in any way.


The price of OEM components can be rather high compared to aftermarket. In some cases, it may double or triple the price compared to a aftermarket unit . Also, some OEM units may be hard to find. In some cases, they may not even be available at all any more. Another con is that you may only be able to find OEM components at a specific dealership that may not be convenient for you to travel to. Quality may not be as good as some aftermarket components in some cases.

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