Vehicle Maintenance That Can Be Done at Home

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Taking your vehicle in for repairs can be costly. You must pay for parts, labor, service fees, shop fees, and more. Although It is recommended for you to take your car in to a shop for major work, if it’s minor, you may be able to perform these basic repairs in your garage without breaking the bank.

1. Change Your Oil and Filter

When you drive your car off the Hyundai dealership in Muncie, you want to make sure you are protecting your investment. The best way to protect your investment is by changing your oil regularly. This can easily be done with a few simple tools; car jack stands and a pan to catch the oil.

2. Rotate Your Tires

One of the most common reasons why a vehicle ends up at the shop is because of tire troubles. If your vehicle is front wheel drive or rear wheel drive, the fronts or backs will wear at different rates. Make sure you rotate your tires to ensure even wear.

3. Changing your battery

Replacing a bad battery is a big deal. It can cause more mechanical failures than you think. Changing your battery is as easy as unscrewing the terminals, taking the bad battery out, and putting the new battery in. You will also need to take a wire brush and clean the corrosion off the post to ensure a good connection.

4. Brake pads

Changing brake pads can be a little bit more difficult and may take more time, but if you can do it yourself, you will save yourself a lot of money. Start by removing the wheel from your car. Unscrew the bolts that are on the caliper and slide the worn brake pads out. Slide in the new ones and clamp down the brake piston using a c-clamp. Screw bolts back on caliper and put the wheel back on. Test your pedals and ensure brake fluid is up to spec.

5. Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are fairly easy to replace. You will need to know how many cylinders your car has. Some cars have four, but other cars can require as many as sixteen. Start by opening the hood and locating the engine. There may be a cylinder cover you need to take off. Locate the cylinder wire plugs and pull them off. Take your spark plug wrench and unscrew each cylinder and replace.

These are just a few things you can do to keep up with basic maintenance on your vehicle. For major repairs or if you are unsure on what to do, take your vehicle in to the Hyundai dealer in Muncie or any other shop that services vehicles.

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