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What Does TPMS Mean? 

TPMS Light on Dash

If you drive a new vehicle around the Anderson area, or if you’re looking for a new vehicle, you might have come across the acronym TPMS. What does TPMS mean? It stands for Tire Pressure Monitoring System, and it’s an important way of maximizing your fuel economy and keeping you safe on the road. It’s designed to let you know via a dashboard light if there’s something off about your tire pressure, so you can either pump some air in or let some excess air out. Most new vehicles come equipped with a TPMS rather than forcing you to monitor your tire pressure yourself. The service team at Greg Hubler Hyundai has more information on how TPMS works, how to turn off a TPMS light, and the benefits of a full tire in the guide below!

Tire Pressure Monitoring System Features

As we discussed above, your Tire Pressure Monitor System tracks your tire pressure while you’re on the road and alerts you if the levels are too low (or occasionally, too high). While the TPMS dashboard light varies between vehicles, it usually presents as a flat tire with an exclamation point or the letters TPMS. If you’re interested in learning how to turn off a TPMS light–say, if you’ve fixed your tire pressure but it’s still illuminated for some reason–your owner’s manual should tell you. If it doesn’t feel free to reach out to our service center and we’ll help you out!

If there’s something wrong with your tire pressure, you’ll generally notice one or more of the following issues with your ride:

  • Poor traction
  • Decreased load carrying capability
  • A flat tire or blowout
  • Poor fuel economy

The Benefits of Proper Tire Inflation

The best benefit of keeping your tires inflated is safety on the road, but proper inflation can also optimize your fuel economy and keep your tires from wearing out prematurely. This will also save you money in the long run, as you’ll be replacing your tires less frequently. Here are some other benefits that a properly-inflated tire will bring you while driving around Yorktown:

  • Reduce tread movement thereby increasing the life of the tire
  • Reduce rolling resistance which will increase vehicle efficiency
  • Increase water dispersion which decreases the likelihood of hydroplaning 

Your owner’s manual will give you specific numbers for your vehicle’s tire pressure. You can fill your tires up at a gas station or even use a bike pump if you’re pressed for time. If you’d rather leave it to a professional, you can bring your vehicle to our service center and we’ll take care of it for you!

Keep Your Vehicle In Top Condition Greg Hubler Hyundai

If you want to get your tires checked or re-inflated, you can schedule a service appointment right from our website! Our team offers plenty of other service tips and tricks designed to help you keep your car running in top condition on the Marion roads. Feel free to contact our service center with any questions, or stop by our dealership to talk to a member of our team in person!

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