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Hyundai Key Fob Tips

Programming & Dead Battery Replacement

Hyundai key fob being held near Ioniq

There’s no doubt that your Hyundai key fob holds incredible power! With that in mind, we’re here to offer some helpful Hyundai key fob tips to allow you to make the most of its capabilities. Learn more about Hyundai Key fob programming and dead battery replacement with the team of service experts at Greg Hubler Hyundai!

How to Program Your Hyundai Key Fob

Luckily, programming your Hyundai key fob is a relatively simple task! Here are the three easy steps you’ll need to take:

  1. Get inside your vehicle and close all of the doors.
  2. Use your key and turn your vehicle into accessory (ACC) mode on the ignition.
  3. Next, you’ll hold the “open” or “unlock” button on your key fob until you notice your vehicle’s lights flashing.

And that’s it! You’re ready to hit the streets of Muncie once more!

Note: This method only works on Hyundai key fobs that have been previously programmed to your Hyundai — if you have a brand new vehicle, stop by our service center to make sure your key fob is all set. 

Hyundai Key Fob Battery Replacement: Step-by-Step

How to Open Your Hyundai Key Fob

Before replacing a dead Hyundai key fob battery, you’ll first have to know how to open the Hyundai key fob itself. Here’s how to do it:

  • For Newer Models: Remove the metal key in your Hyundai key fob by pressing and holding the metal tab or button, then use it to open the back cover by inserting it into the small opening and turning it either direction.
  • For Older Models: Use a coin or a flat blade screwdriver to pop open your Hyundai key fob from the small notch or indentation along the outside.

How to Replace a Dead Hyundai Key Fob Battery

Once you have your Hyundai key fob open, here’s how to replace a dead key fob battery:

  1. Carefully lift the circuit board to expose the battery.
  2. Check the battery type and buy a replacement – most Hyundai models use a CR2032 battery.
  3. Insert the Hyundai key fob battery replacement, ensuring as you do that all the appropriate connections are in contact with the new battery.
  4. If you have a newer Hyundai model and needed to remove the metal key, be sure to replace it once your key fob has been put back together.

What is the Hyundai Digital Key?

First offered on the 2020 Hyundai Sonata, the Hyundai Digital Key system allows your Hyundai to be unlocked, locked, started, and driven with a smartphone. It also allows the primary user to share Digital Key access with three other users. You can actually send someone a “shared key”!

With the Hyundai Digital Key, you unlock the car by holding your smartphone against the driver’s side or passenger door handle. Once inside, just place the phone in the wireless charger, push the start button, and go! It’s that easy!

Get More Hyundai Key Fob Tips With Greg Hubler Hyundai

Looking to get more Hyundai key fob tips from Greg Hubler Hyundai? Don’t hesitate to contact us online to schedule an appointment or to ask questions about how to make the most of your Hyundai key fob usage.

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