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How to Connect to Hyundai Bluetooth®

2021 Hyundai Tucson dashboard


Bluetooth® capability is important for staying connected when you’re on the roads around Anderson. With your Hyundai Bluetooth®, have hands-free access to your phone where you can make and receive phone calls, control your favorite apps, and easily play your favorite playlists and podcasts, all while your eyes are on the road. 

Hyundai Bluetooth® is just one of the many infotainment options available in the new Hyundai models, and pairing your phone with Hyundai Bluetooth® is simple. Follow along with Greg Hubler Hyundai as we walk through the steps for how to connect to Hyundai Bluetooth® below. 



Steps for How to Connect to Hyundai Bluetooth®

When your week calls for adventures around Yorktown, you can take all your entertainment options with you thanks to Bluetooth® capability. After pairing your phone with Hyundai Bluetooth®, you can seamlessly hop in your Hyundai Elantra, Kona, or other Hyundai models, and start your day with your top tunes. Here are the steps you can take for how to connect to Hyundai Bluetooth®:

  1. Set the vehicle in PARK.
  2. Turn the key to the on position.
  3. On the display screen, press the “Bluetooth®” icon, then press “Bluetooth® Connection”. 
  4. Select the “Add New” button, then turn on the Bluetooth® feature on your phone. This feature is often found within the phone’s settings. 
  5. In your Bluetooth settings, select the device named after your vehicle model. 
  6. If your phone requires a passkey, you can find the vehicle’s passkey on the display screen. Enter that code when prompted. 
  7. After the device has been selected, you’ll receive a message on the display screen that confirms that pairing your phone with Hyundai Bluetooth® is complete.
  8. After pairing is complete, your contact list should automatically be transferred to the vehicle, and accessible through the display screen. Some phone models require approval for a contact download. Once approved, it will take a few minutes for downloading to be completed.

Verify Your Hyundai BlueTooth® Compatibility

If you’re wondering whether your Hyundai model has Bluetooth® capability or not, this handy tool from Hyundai allows you to find information about your make and model. Bluetooth® Capability is found in models from 2009 and after, so many models on Marion roads today have seamless access to top playlists and podcasts.

Discover the Capability of Hyundai Models with Greg Hubler Hyundai!

If you still have questions about how to connect to Hyundai Bluetooth®, be sure to reach out to the team at Greg Hubler Hyundai. When you’re interested in learning other helpful tips for your Hyundai, read about how to replace your key fob battery, or how to use Hyundai Roadside Assistance.


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