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How Long Do Brake Pads Last?

Mechanic Adjusting Brake Pad

Your safety is our top priority on Muncie roads, and replacing brake pads is necessary for vehicle maintenance to ensure your safety. The service team at Greg Hubler Hyundai receives a lot of questions about brakes, like “How long do brake pads last?” and “How long do ceramic brake pads last?” We are always happy to answer your questions. How long brake pads last varies by driving conditions and habits and the quality of the brake pads. Most brake pads last about 20,000 miles. Learn more about brakes here, and contact us if you need service. Also, feel free to check out our other service tips and tricks.



How Long Should Brake Pads Last on Average?

Driving habits and road conditions can impact how long brake pads last. So, how long should brake pads last, on average? How long brake pads last is usually around 20,000 miles, but they can sometimes last as long as 75,000 miles. These factors affect how long your brake pads will last before needing replacing:

  • Do you usually brake hard or slowly come to a stop?
  • Do you drive mostly on Anderson highways, or in stop-and-go traffic?
  • Do you often drive up hills around Yorktown?
  • Do you typically tow heavy loads?
  • Do you have ceramic brakes or regular ones?

How Long Should Brake Pads Last After You Notice an Issue?

You should schedule a service appointment with Greg Hubler Hyundai near Marion immediately if you notice any of the brakes issues below: 

  • It takes longer for the car to stop
  • There is a squealing or grinding noise when you apply the brakes
  • You have to push the brake pedal harder than usual to come to a stop
  • The brake light warning indicator light is on 

How Long Do Ceramic Brake Pads Last?

How long do ceramic brake pads last? Ceramic brake pads are usually in luxury vehicles and provide an exceptionally smooth braking experience. Typically, you should get at least 75,000 miles out of your ceramic brakes. 

Greg Hubler Hyundai is Always At Your Service

Now that you know how long brake pads last, if you notice issues with your brakes, don’t put off getting service, or it could cause more damage. Make a service appointment at Greg Hubler Hyundai so we can get you back on Muncie roads quickly. Check our service specials and contact us today!


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