How to Protect a Vehicle From Hail Damage

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There is nothing worse than walking out to the vehicle during a warm Spring morning only to find that the vehicle is covered in tiny little dents all over the body. Throughout the Spring and Summer months, hailstorms present a big threat to all of the vehicles in Hyundai dealerships in Muncie. Those tiny white balls of ice are capable of causing thousands of damage to each and every vehicle, which is why so many drivers get nervous when they hear that there is a hailstorm on the way.

Although these little chunks of ice should definitely be feared, considering that some end up falling at over 80 mph, that does not mean that drivers have to freak out every time that a possible hailstorm is in the forecast. There are several ways that they can help to protect their new Hyundai from receiving hail damage in Muncie.
Hail Covers
One of the easiest ways to protect a vehicle from hail damage no matter where it is located is to buy some kind of hail cover. These protective covers are specifically designed to protect the vehicle from receiving any sort of significant damage as a result of the hail.

Unlike standard car covers, which consist of a thin layer of fabric to protect the vehicle from the harsh effects of the sun’s UV rays, these hail covers are much more heavy duty. They are made up of several layers of fabric and tend to have a layer of foam in between them in order to absorb the impact from the hail. There are also inflatable versions of these covers which are pumped up using a fan and then the air provides a protective layer between the vehicle and the incoming hail.

These are great for vehicles that are stuck being parked outside, although they are not practical for every situation. For example, a Hyundai dealership in Muncie will have dozens, if not hundreds of vehicles parked outside. So buying that many hail covers and taking the time to put them over each and every vehicle is something that would be extremely impractical to do.
This is a step above using a hail cover because it does not require the driver to rush out at the last minute to make sure that their vehicle is covered. If the driver was unaware that a hail storm was going to occur, then their vehicle will still be fine because it will be under the canopy. These are a perfect option for someone who does not have a garage to be able to park their vehicle in.

If a driver is going to use this method to protect their vehicle from hail, then they need to make sure that they take the proper precautions first. When specifically purchased to protect against hail, it is a good idea to go for a canopy that is made out of metal rather than fabric. While most fabric canopies are fairly tough and can withstand light hail, a particularly heavy hailstorm might have enough force to rip through the fabric and damage the vehicle. Whereas, metal ones are durable enough to withstand even the heaviest of hailstorms and still be in one piece.

The driver should also make sure that the canopy that they purchase is capable of fully covering their vehicle. It is generally a good idea to get a canopy that has a couple extra feet on all sides of the vehicle, that way if the hail begins to come down at a slight angle, the vehicle will still be protected. It will also help to keep the driver’s vehicle protected even if they trade in their vehicle for a slightly bigger model.
This is by far the most common way that drivers are able to protect their new Hyundai from hail in Muncie. If they have a garage that they have regular access to, then putting the vehicle inside of there is a guaranteed method of protecting it. By being completely covered by a thick material, like the kind that all garages are made out of, the vehicle will be unable to receive any of the hail. Even if they do not have access to a garage, any kind of completely covered parking will work, such as the kind frequently found at malls and gas stations.
Large Buildings
While this method is not likely to keep the vehicle completely damage-free, it is a good way to keep the damage to an absolute minimum. When drivers get caught in a hailstorm at the last minute, they do not have time to figure out where the nearest covered parking is. Instead, they need to improvise a way to protect their vehicle until the hail stops. An easy way to do that is to determine which way thee storm is blowing and then use a nearby large building as a wind protector.

If the store is coming in from the East, then they will want to get their vehicle on the West side of a building and preferably and close to the West side as possible. This should help to reduce the force that the hail is coming down with and almost entirely eliminate the amount of hail that is making contact with the vehicle.
Comprehensive Car Insurance
While this is not a way of actually protecting the vehicle itself, it is a good way to keep the driver protected from hail damage. When hail damage does occur, it can often cost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in damages. This is a lot of money to spend on getting rid of a bunch of tiny dents, which is why it is important to have a way of getting back that repair money. By having comprehensive insurance, the driver will be covered for any kind of damage caused by hail. So they can simply make an insurance claim and get the insurance company to cover the costs of the hail damage repair.

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