Essential Items In Any Vehicle Emergency Kit

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Every driver wants to be as safe as possible when driving their new Hyundai through Muncie. However, even the most cautious drivers can sometimes get involved in an accident. This is because drivers cannot account for the actions of other drivers or environmental issues. That is why the first thing that any driver should do once purchasing their vehicle from a Hyundai dealership in Muncie is create an emergency kit that contains a variety of items to help prepare them for any disasters on the road.

It is crucial for these emergency kits to contain certain items because, otherwise, they will be unable to be properly prepared for the wide variety of things that could happen on the road. Here are a few of the essential items that need to be included in every vehicle emergency kit.
Additional Motor Oil
Oil is an essential part of any vehicle, which is why it is such a big deal when oil levels become too low. If someone is bringing their vehicle into a Hyundai dealer in Muncie regularly, then they should be getting the oil changes that are required to make sure that the oil within the vehicle is always a sufficient amount and in a healthy state.

However, even if drivers are ensuring that they are getting oil changes at the recommended times, there could still be other things that occur and make the vehicle suddenly have insufficient amounts of oil. For example, if at any point the driver accidentally runs over a large object that is able to damage the oil pan or they own an older vehicle that has experienced a lot of wear and tear, then a leak could develop somewhere within the vehicle that causes the oil to slowly leak out.

The driver may not notice the droplets of oil coming out of their vehicle, which means that they will likely find themselves having to deal with the oil light coming on in their vehicle during the middle of one of their drives. As soon as the vehicle reaches a point where it has no more oil, it will likely shut down, which means that the driver and their passengers will be stranded.

However, if they thought ahead and included additional motor oil as part of their emergency kit, then they will be able to simply add more oil to the vehicle so that it can once again be driven. This will hopefully give them enough time to bring the vehicle to a service station where they can get it properly looked at and repaired so that they do not become stranded once again.
Set of Jumper Cables
Another very basic but essential component of any roadside emergency kit is a set of jumper cables. If a vehicle ever has trouble with its battery, then it is going to be rendered useless since every system relies on electronic communications between different components in order to be able to properly operate the vehicle.

So, if a driver’s battery suddenly dies on them, then they are going to need some way to send electrical currents from a healthy battery to their dead one. This can easily be done by using jumper cables to attach another vehicle’s battery to the drivers and give it a boost. This should give them enough time to drive the vehicle to the nearest service station where they can get it properly looked at.
Basic First-Aid Kit
A person’s vehicle does not necessarily have to look like the back of an ambulance but they should definitely have some essential first aid equipment at all times. There is no telling what kind of incident a driver could get into while on the road, which is why every driver needs to be prepared to be able to help someone who becomes injured through one way or another. For example, if someone in the vehicle accidentally cut themselves during a drive, then having Band-Aids as part of the emergency kit will allow the driver to pull over and help the person deal with the cut.

On the other hand, it is possible that the incident might be much more serious such as a major car crash. If this is the case and someone in the vehicle has suffered significant harm that has caused them to begin bleeding a lot, then having a roll of medical bandage can allow them to try and slow the bleeding until emergency services arrive. Other items such as cleansing wipes, tweezers, and scissors can also come in handy for a variety of situations and should be part of any basic vehicle first-aid kit.
A Multi-tool
When pretty much anything goes wrong with a vehicle, chances are that at least some type of tool is going to be needed in order to examine the issue. Plus, there are a lot of little things such as opening a package or unscrewing the back on an electronic device that could occur during a drive and require the use of tools as well.

Unfortunately, keeping an entire toolbox in a vehicle is not very realistic unless someone is driving a larger truck or SUV. But even then, having a large toolkit taking up space is not likely something that a driver is going to want. Therefore, it is much simpler to go with having a multi-tool as part of the vehicle emergency kit.

This will allow someone to perform a variety of tasks, including those of a screwdriver, pocket knife, pliers, and much more, all with the help of only a single tool. Therefore, the driver will now be capable of completing almost any basic maintenance task that they could possibly need to do without having to worry about the limited space within an emergency kit.
A Blanket
While an additional blanket may seem like something that is only useful during the winter season, it can actually be useful for a wide variety of tasks all year round. For instance, if it is rainy outside, then the blanket can be used to prevent the seat from getting wet or to dry something off. That is why it is always a good idea to have a spare blanket as part of the vehicle emergency kit.

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