Edmunds Trade-In

Edmunds Trade-In

With the help of Edmunds.com, Anderson drivers can get an instant appraisal on their current vehicle to help them along in the process of finding a newer one. No matter if you’re interested in a new model or something pre-owned, we’ve got a dedicated team of sales professionals committed to helping you make the right choice as a Yorktown driver. We’ve got a guide to the Edmunds trade-in value process, including the Edmunds car code, just waiting for you!

Why Trade in Now?

You’ve probably heard about the global chip shortage that’s been affecting many different industries in the wake of the pandemic. The automotive industry is dependent on computer chips to build the advanced technology found in modern cars. This means there’s a shortage of new cars, which in turn pushes up the price of used cars. Many buyers in Marion can sell their used car for more than what they bought it for. We’d love to discuss options with you!

Getting the Most Trade-In Value

Using the Edmunds trade-in value tool is just the beginning of the process, and it doesn’t represent cash in hand right now. It’s just an estimate that depends on what we see at Greg Hubler Hyundai once we inspect the car. Here’s some tips on maximizing your trade-in value:

  • Be sure to have everything that came with the car when turning it in. That includes keys, the owner’s manual, and accessories.
  • Get the small stuff like dents and dings fixed, but leave complex technical work to us. It’s actually better for your overall profit to leave the big jobs to us.
  • Don’t forget to clean your car out! Believe it or not, a car with junk in it will lower the trade-in value.

Find Your Next Car with Us

Greg Hubler Hyundai is in the business of buying used cars, but we’re also in the business of selling quality new and used cars to local drivers. If you’re looking for a great new or used vehicle, put us on your list! Contact us today to get started.